Going Vegan

by Art Ski & Al Maddy

Released 2014
Sword in the Stone Records
Released 2014
Sword in the Stone Records
Two friends/ Two acoustic guitars / Two vocals
From "The One Take Sessions":
The One Take Sessions are live unedited in studio recordings using high definition video with high fidelity audio at the Katonah Mill Studio.
Relentliss Music presents The One Take Sessions featuring:
Going Vegan by Work of Art
Art Ski: Guitar and Vocals
Al Maddy: Guitar and Backing Vocals
Written by Art 'Ski' Halperin © 2014

Produced and Recorded at The Katonah Mill Studio
by John and Greg Lissauer

Besides playing as a duo, Art and Al play in the band, "WORK OF ART".
The band was built around the award-winning song writing, singing, and inspired guitar playing of Art Ski. Based in New York, Work of Art is an ever-changing band playing uniquely styled rock, pop, reggae, good-feeling-music. Away from home, they've successfully toured throughout the US., Europe, South America, and the Caribbean, both headlining and opening up for acts such as Santana, Jerry Garcia, Third World, Jimmy Cliff, The Police, Bo Diddley, and Chuck Berry. As a solo artist, Art has shared the stage with Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Marty Stuart, Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson (the Band), The Temptations, David Grisman, Doc Watson and Glen Tillbrook of Squeeze.

Art's abilities have taken him in many different directions. As a composer, songs he's written for other artists have appeared on Billboard's R&B, Pop, and even Classical charts. He's written and recorded on many national and international albums, TV., and Radio commercials. Along with his band, he's also been featured on screen in the John Sayles movie "Baby it's You."

The legendary producer and talent scout John Hammond Sr., (the man who discovered Dylan, Springsteen and Aretha Franklin among many others) was so impressed with Art's music that he signed Art as the first artist on Hammond/CBS Records. A ten-song album was completed for the label. After Hammond passed away, rock history books have noted Art to be “John Hammond's last discovery”.

Going Vegan

I hear they’re shutting down Sea World
They say they’re closing up the zoo
Mama say’s she’s going vegan
Daddy say’s he’s going too

Mama wants to save the planet
Daddy wants to save the bee’s
They want to clean up all the oceans
They even want to save the trees

Woa Oh… The times are changing
Woa Oh…You see it all across the land
Woa Oh…When the mothers and the fathers
Woa Oh…Finally understand

Now, if you want to save mankind
Then you gotta save the earth
You know it’s never too late, son
To know what every life is worth

Mama says she loves all doggies
Daddy says he love the cats
So if you’re gonna eat the chickens
Then why don’t you eat rats?

The times are changing
All across this land
When the mothers and the fathers
Finally take a stand

Now mama says she’s going vegan
Daddy says he’s going green
They say, “You’re with me or without me
‘cause there ain’t no in between”
Art 'Ski' Halperin © 2014