The way we see it:

A great recording studio is more than just great equipment. The room has to feel great. The space has to sound great. And the producer/engineer has to make you feel and sound great.

Designed by world-renowned audio engineer, Barry Diament (Barry's mastering credits include all of the Bob Marley CD's on the Tuff Gong label, Led Zepellin, Guns N' Roses, U2, The Eagles, Yes, Meat Loaf, Genesis, Anita Baker, and Pete Townshend), our 16' x 26' room with its 15' ceiling has a beautifully warm ambience. In this unique studio, there is no separate control room, no separate tracking room and no isolation booths. By sharing the same space we find that communication between the musicians and producers/engineers is more organic, immediate and comfortable. When isolation is needed the studio is equipped with sixteen, six- foot Cylindrical Pressure Zone Traps/Diffusers. For more info see: (
For those who prefer more isolation we also have a 9' x 10' room available.

Now for the technical stuff:

Mac Pro, 2.66 GHz, Software includes: Logic Pro, Peak Pro, Melodyne studio, UAD powered plugins, PlugsoundPro, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, Wave Editor, WaveLab

Amps and Cabinets:
1. 1963 Fender Vibrolux w/10" and 12" JBL’s 
2. 1966 Fender Bassman Blackface / 50 W Head
3. Fender Roc Pro 1000 / 100 W Head
4. Fender Blues Junior
5. Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series model 2205 / 50 W Head
6. Marshall Valvestate VS-100 Watt
7. Magnatone/Estey M-10 / 75 Watt
8. SWR 350 X Pro Bass Amp Head
9. Ampeg SVT-4 x 10" Bass Cabinet
10. Fender 2 x 15" Bass/Guitar Cabinet
11. Marshall 1960 TV 4 x 12" Cabinet w/Celestion Greenbacks

1960’s Slingerland Drums w/Zildjion Cymbals

Roland Digital Piano FP-9 (Weighted Keys)
M Audio Keystation 88es USB MIDI Controller Keyboard (88 Keys, Semi Weighted)
Yamaha DJX

For tracking and monitoring we go direct (no patch bays to degrade the sound) using only the highest quality cabling, mics, with Metric Halo's digitally controlled FireWire recording interface the Mobile I/O 2882.

Whether mixing or mastering, to get that perfect mix, you need the perfect monitoring system. Top of the World features the most accurate monitoring imaginable with Magnepan MG 1.6, 2-Way/Quasi Ribbon Planar Speakers. If it sounds right on our system...your finished CD or tape will sound right anywhere you play it. We invite you to bring your favorite CD or LP and stop by to hear for yourself.